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Role: Danny Desai
Type: Television Show
Network: ABC Family
Day: Tuesday at 8c/9p
Status: Now Airing: Season 3
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- He was born in canada
- Favourite color is Red or Dark Green
- The hat is his favourite accessory
- He quit school in 10th grade to pursue acting
- Does not plan to go back to school because he plans to keep learning until the day he dies
- His tattoo is a quote from his favorite writer Hunter S Thompson and it says “buy the ticket, take the ride”
- Avan’s middle name is actually pronounced choodor and is English
- Did not get his photo taken during school
- Favorite type of flower to give to a girl is a tulip
- Has been in and out of a few different bands
- He has dyslexia
- Favorite romantic movie is Moulin Rouge
- Believes in gay rights but is infact a straight guy
- Helped found the Straight But Not Narrow campaign
- Considers himself an artist that doesn’t show his art
- Chooses tattoos over piercings
- Has an older brother
- Plays soccer
- Hight is approx 5’11
- Favorite cuss word is Shit
- Has skipped school before

more will come soon

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